For unusual play of colours opal has received the title of one of the most beautiful jewelry stones. In the eastern countries, it is known as a talisman of love and patron of family happiness. It is believed that the stone helps to develop talents, gives peace and pacification. Among all the variety of opals, the decisive factor is the brightness of play of colour shades inside the stone. Another factor is patterns created by the play of light.

In addition, it is believed that an opal helps with heart diseases and protects against infectious diseases. In any case, opal was considered to be valuable from time immemorial, and often not because of its beauty, but because of the properties that it possesses.

Gold jewelry with opal is one of the most valued. The reason is - delightful beauty of a rare stone in nature. Once it was considered to be the gift of heavens, absorbing a multitude of flaws in the fall. And it's easy to believe, considering the play of colours and iridescent play of lights that arise even at a slight change of visual angle.

This unique stone has always been known to be happy, and it was given as a symbol of hope and future happiness.